If you haven't visited these places, you haven't been to New York at all


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​1) Midtown: the giant LED screens in Times Square are a clasic New York postcard. At night, they are astonishing, but also worth visiting dufing the day. A few bocks from there you will find Rockefeller Center and 5th Avenue.


You will visit these places are even more in our Midtown Walking Tour 


2) Financial District (or Lower Manhattan or Downtown): Wall Street, the Charging Bull and the Statue of Liberty are all in this part of town. They are icons you cannot miss in your trip to New York. We recommend you take a boat ride to see the skyline from the water. The Staten Island is free and provides beautiful panomaric views of the city


Learn much more about these landmarks in our Financial District Walking Tour


 3) Broadway show: you need not be a theater lover to enjoy a Broadway show. They are all amazing: the songs, the coordination, the dancers, the lights, the special effects....... A grat experience overall. The tickets aren't cheap, but you can find same day discount tickets at TKTS


4) Central Park: it is a huge park, the forest within the city. This is probably the spot which is harder to visit without a local or a tour guide. However you visit it, make sure you don't miss it!! Riding a bike in Central Park is very enjoyable, but to visit many of the attractions you need to get off your bike. 


To see the best that Central Park has to offer, take our Central Park Walking tour


5) 5th Avenue: from 43rd Street to 59th Street you will find the best known brands, and the most luxurious. Extravagabt bags, shoes, dresses and suits live in these streets


You will visit some of these shops in our Midtown Waling Tour


6) Museums: New York offers a great variety of them. The Met has the widest breath of exhibitions, while the MoMA has the best known paintings. You can also visit the Museum of Natural History, kids love it. You must visit one at least. Take into account that the Met has a suggested price (you can donate less if you cannot affor it) and the MoMA is free every Friday afternoon 


7) Soho, Little Italy and Chinatown: one next to each other, but so different. It seems as Shangai is only a few blocks from Rome. From the language to the architecture, each of these places is unique. You cannot miss any of them. Tip: in Little Italy and Chinatown you will find hte best restaurants in terms of price for yout money


8) Highline & Meatpacking: the Highline is built on the abandoned rails of an Elevated train, presenting unparalleled views. This area was reborn after this venture and now the best known architects have created the most innovative buildings. Meatpacking is located where the Highline starts and it offers great restaurants and nightlife (at a price)


9) DUMBO and Williamsburg: DUMBO means "down under the Manhattan Bridge overpass"  and it has the best views of the Manhattan skyline. You will also find the best pizzerias (you will recognize them for the long queues). Not far away (but not at a walking distance either), Williamsburg is the new chic spot. Its main street is filled of bars, restaurants and vintage clothing stores. Super hipster.


10) Game time!: New York hosts 2 baseball teams, 2 football teams (that share the stadium), 2 basketball teams, 1 ice hockey team (plays home in the Madison Square Garden, same as one of the basketball teams) and, since the next season, 2 soccer teams. Remember that the seasons are only half year long, so not all the sports are available all year long. However, you need to see at least one! 


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