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If you still have any questions, email us at


How can I contact Tours for @ll if I have more questions? 

Email us at with questions about our walking tours in New York, about how to plan your trip to New York or about aything else and we will reply very shortly


Do I have to make a reservation to take a tour with Tours for @ll?

Yes, it is necessary to make a reservation to participate in our tours. Once you reserve, we will send you the meeting point details by email. Reservations are free and you only need an email address to reserve, no credit card needed. You will then pay the tour guide before the tour starts


How do I reserve a walking tour with Tours for @ll?

To reserve just go to "Calendar" or send us an email to with the walking tour you want to reserve,,the date and the size of your party


Do I need to reserve the walking tour with a lot of time in advance?

You need not reserve with a lot of time in advance. You can even reserve a walking tour up to one hour befre it starts. However, if you are planning your trip with some time in advance, you are free to reserve with a long lead time


What happens if I reserve a walking tour with Tours for @ll and I have to cancel or reschedule?

We will be sorry not to have you in our walking tour, but you are free to reschedule or cancel the reservation free of charge


Can I pay with a credit card?

Yes, we accept the major credit cards (American Express, Visa, Master Card and Discover) 


What happens if I am late to the walking tour?

Our walking tours start on time, so please arrive on time. If the walking tour already started when you arrive, but the group is close to the meeting point, let the guide know you want to join and the guide will tell you everything you missed at the end of the tour 


Will I have WiFi access during the walking tours?

All our walking tours offer free WiFi access. You will be able to check your emails or share pictures of the walking tour live with friends and family


Is there a minimum and maximum number of people in the walking tour?

There is no minimum requirement. The walking tour will start as long as there is one person. But we do try to keep our groups small 


Are the walking tours physically demanding?

The walking tours require low physical effort, since we will be stopping at every landmark for an explanation and to take pictures. So, the pace is moderate. Just bare in mind that you will be standing for the whole duration of the walking tour


Are restrooms available during the walking tour?

All the walking tours have one restroom stop. If you need to go to the restroom at any moment during the tour, the tour guide can tell you where to find the closest restroom. Generally, there are restrooms available all the time. If there won't be a restroom available for some time, the tour guide will let you know in advance 


Do the walking tours end at the same spot they start?

Our walking tours finish at a different place they started, but it will be pretty close to where they started. Anyway, our tour guides will help you find your way back 


Are the walking tours cancelled for rain or snow?

Absolutely not! Except when there is a tropical storm or such a heavy snow that it makes it dangerous to be outdoors, the walking tours will always take place. The route can be adapted to stay away of the rain and hte snow as much as possible, but the tour will take place. People who attend the walking tours while it is raining enjoy them the most since the landmarks are almost empty


Are the walking tours wheel chair and stroler accessible?

The streeets of New York are completely prepared for wheel chairs and strolers. Children are also welcome to our walking tours. Even if they cry, with the level of noise in New York, no one will even notice it


Can I reserve a private custom tour?

Of course! Contact us at for more details

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